We did launch two new pieces this past week Trés Ford and WWKarl D? These two expressions are something we truly do say here at T-HAÜS. Both Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld are creative geniuses in their right of course; we thought we would bring that out through our sweatshirts. 

TRÉS FORD is VERY FORD and all about being VERY FASHIONABLE we believe the word TRÉS for FORD is giving the high respects for one of the innovative fashion designers out there. We have watched Tom Ford's career flourish from Gucci to his own line, and throughout his career we always pay attention to his signature details.

WWKARL D? is WHAT WOULD KARL DO? and we at T-HAÜS ask that all the time when we see fashion at its best and worst.

We see how much Karl Lagerfeld's influence is everywhere when it comes to fashion not only does Karl come up with most of the sought after items from Chanel he also is a driving force in Fendi, but with his earlier career he has been involved with YSL, Pierre Balmain, just to name a few.

Karl Otto Lagerfeld is still currently creating intricate designs and deconstructs the fashion aspect to show the masses he is still on top of his game.

We @ T-HAÜS have brought two new pieces to the forefront because of these two quintessential fashion leaders. Be a part of the fashion revolution.

Continue to check back with us because we still have more to come.....

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