What makes your style interesting?

It takes time to understand and commit to finding your style, but when you do find your style the pieces that you find do come together.

Our t-shirts and sweatshirts are an added piece to your fashion style where your style can be dominated by your own sense of sophistication.

For instance, when you look at the D-star T-shirt it looks like something but it isn't, or is it? pairing that with your favorite jeans, shorts, maxi skirt now has given 3 separate styles. Add a layer of cardi, moto, bomber denim jacket on either of the 3 styles shared above and you now have 6 and potential 9 or more different looks with just the cool D-Star T-shirt. 

Finding just that one or two pieces here at T-HAUS might just add that extra style in your fashion wardrobe that you are needing to have this summer.


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