DJ KARL is our latest design and we are super excited in how he has become such lil celebrity.

The idea of a DJ and Karl Lagerfeld merging is because both have a great artistic eye towards creating things that people truly enjoy.

We have started off with two colorways and want the rest of the fashionistas out there to love this collection.

DJ KARL is wearing an iconic tracksuit with the best sunnies and kicks to represent how super fly this character is.

The gold chain is a representation of where Karl Lagerfeld has claimed his fame designing epic fashions.

In this moment in time, we see how influential Karl Lagerfeld is and we take that and have created something that is apart of T-HAÜS.

Design, Fashion, Music is our essential part of our daily inspiration.

Let DJ Karl be apart of your fashion statement and enjoy the cute characteristics of our new Karl Lagerfeld design.

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