We at T-HAÜS are super involved with a lot of social media presence we love how the culture of celebrity and real life intertwines together.

Before starting T-HAÜS, I was always intrigued by how the franchise of the real housewives lived, shared their lives on TV.

After watching Chyka Keebaugh on the version of RHOM, I was so impressed by not only what an amazing mother, successful business person and women she is.

I reached out to her by Instagram and just the fact that she responded with such grace and with pleasure meant the world to me. After months of sharing comments and building a repour I showed her one of my designs, and she was quick to give a beautiful compliment, and that is how it all began.

I then sent over a few of my favorites and when her daughter Chessie decided to post a beautiful Mother's Day tribute and feature T-HAÜS with some of my favorites that were the biggest compliment a girl could ask.

This Mother and Daughter dynamic duo have embodied such beauty of what a real relationship is supposed to be. The unconditional love and respect are how we get inspired and continue to strive for that kind of excellence.

Thank you Chyka and Chessie for your support, and kindness!



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