We have taken the plunge and styled our T-HAÜS Apparel and showed the artistic  side of this company. Doing a fashion photo shoot spread was the next step and showing our beloved customers our vision of effortless dressing and styling was the clear fashion goals from the beginning of starting T-HAÜS. Outlining how you can incorporate our unique apparel in your everyday life is what we want to do and making it your style EFFORTLESSLY CHIC.

Taking each piece and bringing our brand to life has been a dream our creative director Madison has conceptualized this brand since 2009. Take a look at the new or classic pieces and try to style it in your wardrobe and see the new ways you can have T-HAÜS in your life everyday.

If you have any questions always email us at info@thausco.com and one of our stylists will be happy to help you incorporate T-HAÜS in your style.


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